April 2011

April 2011

Sphere of Influence

The Gravity of the Situation

How Peter Eastwood kept key people in his orbit and Lexington afloat after the AIG debacle and Kevin Kelley’s departure.

Financial Fallout

Winter of Our Discontent

Four of the five coastline earthquakes and tsunamis have occurred in the last 13 months.

Financial Aficionado

A GPS for Your Sale

If you are not positioned correctly and don’t have the right driver, you may get lost on the windy road to your firm’s sale.


Global Scale

Sudden Impact

An entire village was wiped out in six seconds. As horrific as Japan’s disaster is, years of planning helped reduce losses and loss of life.

Channel Check

The Meaning of Mergers

Don’t let mergers and restructurings change your business relationships. As one retailer says, “Just don’t change the people.”

Just Sayin'

Bating Game

Sales is just like dating. You want to be confident, attractive and persistent—but not desperate.