April 2010

April 2010

Financial Aficionado

A Step in the Right Direction

Six steps you must take to pull off a successful brokerage sale or acquisition.

Drill Sergeants and Foot Soldiers

Managing the Sales Marathon

Sales coaches divide sales goals into smaller “splits,” keeping producers focused on completing their annual marathon.

The Pro-File

It Was No Circus

Ryan Wilkerson’s trial by fire—at only 27—saved Haas & Wilkerson, his family’s business.


Under the Dome


Wing nuts from both parties feed the partisan frenzy in Congress, and wishing for the old days to return is just yearning for more of the same.

Global Scale

Reckless Regard

It’s getting more and more difficult to be irresponsible with business risk. Corporate bigwigs may have to change their ways.

Channel Check

Flexible Flood

WNC offers private commercial flood policy that is an alternative to national flood insurance.