Companies that integrate their HR technology can make better use of their data to gain insight into what their employees want. By being able to analyze reports and learn from benchmarking, brokers can offer clients actionable insights that can help:

  • Find opportunities to improve their benefits strategy and allow their people to take control of their options
  • Bridge the gap between perception and reality by strategically addressing employee engagement and communication
  • Understand how they compare to other companies and take action to stay competitive.

ADP believes a benefits technology solution should allow clients to streamline employee eligibility, benefits calculations, communication and workflow management within a safe and centralized digital environment. One way brokers can help advise clients on what their employees want is to encourage the client to review HR and benefits technology systems to determine:

  • What information is available and how current it is
  • What reports can be pulled and what they can tell someone
  • What kind of functionality there is for integrating data and automating those reports
  • What actionable insights the people-data suggest
  • What’s missing and what can be done to get it
  • What the employee experience is like
  • If an intuitive enrollment experience and tools are in place to help employees select the plan that best meets their needs
  • If there is a mobile app for easy access to benefits information for employees.