What existed when the founding fathers were trying to decide to take this swamp and turn it into the nation’s capital? 

They had to govern only 3½ million people. They sat down and wrote a Constitution that, even when I read it today, I say, “They have to be the brightest guys that ever lived.”

Do you know there’s never been a time in world history when 15 geniuses were born in the same generation within 150 miles of each other?

It’s only occurred once in the history of the world, and that was right here in North America, in the United States, in those periods just before the Constitution and the revolution and this great experiment. And it has been a great experiment.

For 150 years after that experiment, Europe was still with monarchs. Some are still with monarchs. But here, we evolve this program, we took this experiment, we built it.

You know, we don’t appreciate it because we’re so caught up sometimes in our day-to-day business. But that’s what the awesomeness of the United States is to the world. The world is stunned with our ability to adapt to challenge and to grow. And we’re doing a good job. Sure, we have weaknesses. But am I optimistic? Yeah. I wish I could have another 50 years to tell you the truth.