No matter which insurance publication you pick up these days, they all say the same thing: WE'RE IN BIG TROUBLE because we're not attracting young people into the profession.  

How does this affect you directly?  Technology is changing the business, and young people are hip to most of it.  Are you?  Is the competition going to leapfrog your firm by doing things faster and more efficiently?  How about your firm's legacy? Is there someone qualified in your company to take the reins?  Are you on top of new business ideas bubbling up from the younger set? j Business does not stand still.  Are you?  Can you really say your lack of attention to woo young folks into this industry isn't costing you plenty.

Here at Leader's Edge, our culture is based on a simple premise: There's nothing sexier than risk.  We live by that mantra, trying to show you in every issue just how compelling this business can be.  That is the message we all need to take to the younger generation so that college finance and business majors who have never considered a job in the insurance industry discover us and discern how lucrative, interesting and challenging commercial insurance is.  that's what we propose to do, but we need your help to pull it off.

This summer we are creating our first-ever college recruitment publication explaining all of the various careers in this sector both in print and online.  This will be aimed directly at talented college students and recent graduates in more than 400 colleges in the U.S.  Think of it as an issue of Leader's Edge on steroids (or maybe Leader's Edge with youthful tattoos).

We want brokers and carriers alike to advertise just what a great place YOUR BUSINESS is to work at.  Your ads will appear both in print and online.  Here is your chance to get in front of hundreds of thousands of soon-to-graduate college students at a time when they are job hunting and considering a career.

You need not limit your search to local colleges or to the dozen or so insurance programs you regularly use to recruit.  We are talking about hitting career centers in business schools and graduate schools all across the U.S.-and this will be an ongoing effort.  It will not end with the school year.

We don't use this space to promote advertising in Leader's Edge.  We have a Chinese wall between our editorial and our advertising.  But this effort is too important to ignore.  It's all of your futures.

Pick up the phone and tell your HR folks or your ad people to contact us immediately.  (We face a July 1 deadline for fall publication.)

This is your chance to change our industry and your company's future.

He’s truly interested in satisfying clients. There’s a reason we’ve been with him a long time. It’s not price; it’s product.

Nobody can’t like Bob, but some are jealous. And even his fiercest competitor will respect what Bob has done.