In the aftermath of disaster, people look for ways to help those who are suffering. There are many options, from on-the-ground aid to sending supplies. One of those behind-the-scenes efforts is being carried out by the Los Angeles-based Insurance Industry Charitable Foundation.

According to the IICF, by mid-September more than $410,000 was raised through the IICF Hurricane Harvey Disaster Relief Fund. By that time, the Harvey relief effort had received contributions from more than 1,000 individuals as well as insurers, agent and broker groups, and others.

The foundation also established the IICF Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Fund in mid-September to respond to the needs of victims of that hurricane.

The foundation said $7.4 million in initial relief fund support for Hurricane Harvey had been committed by IICF board companies and supporters. The amount is expected to increase as giving and matching campaigns continue. Taking into account donations from companies not involved with IICF, the initial minimum collective insurance industry support exceeded $15 million.

“With Hurricane Irma following so closely behind Harvey, there is unprecedented need for support of the community at large, and those involved with the IICF have answered the call without hesitation,” said Bill Ross, CEO of the IICF.