Age: 51

Family: Married to Amy since September 1995; three sons, Jonathan, 18; Matthew, 16; and Charlie, 11

Home: Dubuque, Iowa

R&R/Family vacations: Hilton Head Island, S.C.

Good works: Board member of Holy Family Catholic Schools, where he helped rebuild its financial, physical and educational infrastructure; member of the Greater Dubuque Development Board of Directors; member of the Washington University Olin School of Business National Council

Books: Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman; Upside: Profiting from the Profound Demographic Shifts Ahead, by Kenneth Gronbach; Competing Against Luck, by Clay Christensen; The Undoing Project, by Michael Lewis; and anything by the late David Halberstam

Geeking out: Reads everything he can about Nobel-prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman. “I also have the Feynman lectures on physics, so I’m geek enough to read that stuff even though I don’t fully understand it.”

Fun time: Golf and fantasy baseball, where he serves as the commissioner of the league he’s been playing in for 20-plus years. “The only area where I question his integrity is on some of his trades,” jokes longtime friend and early McKinsey mentor Michael Farello.

“You have to take the emotion out of it, and he’s very good at looking at things analytically and objectively,” Farello says. “I daresay I think he has won the league more than anyone else over the last 20 years.”

Awards: Washington University Distinguished Alumni

Industry boards: Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers

Motto: Get better