• The Doctor Is In

    A community-based education program trains barbers as health advocates, reaching underserved, high-risk individuals.

    Stephen Thomas loves barbershops. For him, as for so many African-American men, they are a place of historical and cultural relevance. In the 19th century, some barbershops doubled as abolitionist sites or stops on the Underground Railroad.

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  • Quake Queller

    A new technology called the seismic muffler brings new hope for reducing earthquake damage.

    On Jan. 17, 1994, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, killing 72 people, injuring more than 10,000, and causing an estimated $40 billion in widespread property damage. Thousands of homes, buildings and cars were destroyed in what remains one of the costliest catastrophes in U.S. history.

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  • Welcome to The Shop

    A glimpse of life inside a cultural and community hub that is making a difference in population health.

    In conversations with industry stakeholders—brokers, carriers and others—we often hear how insurance is misunderstood, that the industry needs to do a better job telling its story. Well, they’re right. But it’s difficult to get down to that deeper level—the one that makes the story worth telling—amid the complicated web  of relationships, contracts, regulations, markets and capital.

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  • From the President & CEO

    Building a Culture That Works

    Our biggest issue is not the attraction of talent. Our biggest issue is culture.

  • International Benefits

    The Grass Is…Different

    I’ve been in many roles, but seeing things as a client made my picture complete.

  • Short Film

    Inside The Shop

    Step inside and take in the sights and sounds of a Barbershop in Hyattsville Maryland, where health advocates work with barbers.

  • Industry Q&A

    Jay Weintraub

    Co-founder, InsureTech Connect; Founder & CEO, NextCustomer