• The Art of the Acquisition

    Carriers are combining M&A and strategic investments to improve their access to new capital markets and digital transformation.

    Mergers and acquisitions in the property-casualty and life and health insurance sectors broke new ground in 2018—and not just in the skyrocketing value of deals. M&A deal value among both P&C and L&H insurers—$40.3 billion—more than doubled in 2018 compared with the prior year, although the number of deals (533 in all) declined by 13%, according to audit firm PwC.

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  • Is Bigger Better?

    Rob Edwards, chief external affairs officer at the University of Kentucky HealthCare, discusses the drivers and trends in hospital mergers and acquisitions.

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  • Game On

    M&A is everywhere. What are your clients’ insurance risks when they get in the game?

    The world is merging. Global M&A activity reached a new high in the first nine months of 2018, with deals worth nearly $3.3 trillion, fueled by high share prices and consumer confidence on one side and low interest rates and deal fees on the other.

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  • We’re in the Money

    Amrit David, managing director in the International Investment Bank at Barclays, gives his take on the happy marriage of alternative capital and commercial.

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