• Bloodlines

    The majority of healthcare spend goes toward a small minority of patients. How can we better serve them?

    In 2002, a young primary care doctor in Camden, New Jersey, began working with the city’s police department after witnessing a shooting near his home. Using the department’s data, he found there were “hot spots” in the city that were responsible for a large portion of its crime. 

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  • Dark Angel

    San Francisco wants insurers to cut ties with coal, oil and tar sands industries. Prudent plan or gross overreach?

    The insurance industry appears to be becoming a political tool for politicians and advocates of popular causes.

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  • We Don’t Know

    Diversity specialist Vernā Myers asks us to admit that we have no idea and start there.

    For many years, Vernā Myers has consulted and lectured on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She recently sat down with founding editor Rick Pullen and editor in chief Sandy Laycox to talk about her views and experiences. Shortly after our interview, she was hired as vice president for inclusion strategy at Netflix. —Editor

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  • Sponsored Content from OneAmerica

    The Long View

    Most Americans have no plan for long-term care should they need it.

  • Sponsored Content from ADP

    The Human Quirk

    Behavioral economics provides key insights into employee engagement and a successful approach to benefits.

  • From the President & CEO

    Stand Up and Be Counted

    Politics and D&I are not easy topics, but they shouldn’t be difficult to talk about.

  • EU Regulation

    IDD and the Pursuit of Clients’ Happiness

    Now in force, the new EU directive will require better coordination among brokers and carriers.

  • Healthcare Quality Matters

    Money Well Spent

    Q&A with Shane Wolverton, SVP of corporate development for Quantros

  • Insurtech Investment

    Incubating Insurance

    Q&A with Jean Vernor, Head of Incubator, New Strategic Markets, Munich Reinsurance America

  • Tech Briefing

    Silent Cyber

    The industry is raising the volume on hidden cyber risks.

  • Global Benefits

    All Abroad!

    Here’s a playbook for the first conversation when helping clients expand overseas.

  • Member Q&A

    Marty Hughes

    Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, HUB International, Chicago

  • Famous Who Claim Us

    Herman and Philip Roth

    Lasting Lessons in Last Things

  • NAIC Update

    NAIC 2018: State Ahead

    The NAIC’s newest strategic plan is all about technology and innovation.

  • Succession Planning

    Creating Career Pathways

    The Campbell Group revamped its hiring process and team structure to make a clear path for success from entry to retirement.

  • Boston

    Reinventing Beantown

    Boston is under construction, with new business, restaurants and hotels adding to the city’s historic architecture.

  • Seasoned Traveler

    Frankfurt, Germany

    Jochen Köerner, Managing Director at Ecclesia Holding, offers tips to finding local gems in this diverse city.

  • M&A

    Listening for Cues

    Learn from what others are saying and doing.

  • Benefits Breach

    Benefits Data Bullseye

    Healthcare and employee benefits data are gold for cyber criminals.