• Susan Hayes Is Fed Up

    Editor in chief Rick Pullen sat down with Susan Hayes, principal at Chicago consulting firm Pharmacy Outcomes Specialists and head of Pharmacy Investigators and Consultants. She audits and investigates corporate prescription costs to help employers control medical expenditures. 

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  • Thought for Food

    How one good idea inspired a recipe for changing lives.

    Impressive though it may be, The Broadmoor—host to The Council’s Insurance Leadership Forum and Employee Benefits Leadership Forum during the last decade—is gaining some serious competition when it comes to delivering guest experience. 

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  • Vendor Madness

    Design-build is changing the benefits industry, but how do you choose from the endless options knocking on your door?

    In today’s job market, companies are becoming more strategic about recruiting and retention. They’re also looking for solutions to rising healthcare costs and responding to changing consumer habits and demands. 

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  • Nationwide Advertorial

    When a Business Should Purchase COLI

    COLI is valuable protection for companies against long-term financial loss from a key employee death.

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    Greatest, Boomers and X, Y, Z

    Predictive analytics and integrated HR tech explain your multi-generation workforce’s differing wants and needs.

  • On The Edge

    A Good Run

    From Eliot Spitzer and corrupt regulators to game changers and long-delayed postal permits, we’ve seen it all during the past 15 years.

  • From the President & CEO

    Uncover Your Friction Points and Gaps

    Diversity accountability achieves a competitive business advantage.