• Untapped Talent

    Find talent in unexpected places.

    In the late 1950s, an ambitious young agent beginning his insurance career at Metropolitan Life found himself in the midst of an entirely untapped and underserved market. James Maguire was attending church with his friends and neighbors, Victor and Helen Saggase. The Saggases were deaf, and the service was conducted in sign language.

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  • Beyond Borders

    WFII chair Rick Jensen discusses Brexit, blockchain and emerging markets.

    Rick Jensen is chairman of the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries. Leader’s Edge founding editor Rick Pullen talked with him recently about issues facing brokers in the United States and on the world stage. —Editor

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  • Pushing the Edge

    For 15 years, Rick Pullen did things differently than everyone else, changing the game for a trade rag.

    Leader’s Edge editor in chief Sandy Laycox sat down with founding editor and game changer Rick Pullen for a conversation on his legacy and future. Rick will be leaving Leader’s Edge at the end of 2018. —Editor

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  • Council Foundation Scholars Soar

    The Council Foundation’s scholarship program is drawing in and training the next generation of stellar insurance professionals.

    In an effort to build our industry’s future, The Council Foundation’s scholarship program has again awarded $375,000 in academic scholarships to 75 college juniors and seniors interested in pursuing a career in insurance brokerage. Each receives a $5,000 grant.

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  • Member Q&A

    Rod Fox

    Managing Partner & CEO, TigerRisk Partners, Stamford, Connecticut

  • The Future of Insurance

    Going Places

    A sampling of the ambitious students at Gallaudet University’s Maguire Academy of Insurance and Risk Management

  • Cyber Prep

    Preparing for New Cyber Threats

    What’s on the horizon in 2019? Make sure you’ve got a comprehensive and tested plan.

  • Business Acumen

    Business Acumen Matters

    Two human resource experts explain how a deeper understanding of the business can benefit you in any role.

  • Seasoned Traveler

    Mobile, Alabama

    Allen Ladd, partner at Thames Batre Insurance, shares Mobile’s eclectic finds.

  • Puerto Vallarta, Mexico


    Puerto Vallarta is full of history and romance and prime for making memories.

  • M&A

    Go Big or Get Out?

    Just because everyone around you is getting bigger doesn’t mean you should stop trying to get better.

  • On The Ground

    Q&A with Chris Downer of XL Innovate

    The Council also caught up with Chris Downer of XL Innovate.