Imagining 3.0

The past and future of Dotcom

Keep Calm

Let the risk takers take the risk. We should be grateful.

Get Your Head in the Cloud, NOW!

Better security, faster speed, immediate upgrades—why wouldn’t you?

Wanted: Renaissance Geek

Technology is no longer a cost center. It is an essential player advancing your growth.

Driven Off a Cliff by a Bored Eighth Grader

Our homes are the next threatened target.

Experience Matters

Until disruptors resolve this industry’s underlying issues, they aren’t disrupting anything.

More Efficient Bad Business Practices

It’s time to rethink and disrupt your business model.

Constant Re-invention

If we disrupt ourselves, outside disrupters won’t stand a chance. They thrive on the confusion and chaos created in the wake of unmanaged change.

Stop Playing Defense

We’ve become pretty efficient at being inefficient.

About to Pass You By

Outsiders are entering our business and using technology, intending to destroy us.

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