Being Better Than Average

The economy spurs deals, nearing 2012 record.

Ask for Directions

A good M&A advisor will show you the way and drive the process.

Milking the Meetings

Buyers offer a lot of market intelligence, so don’t slam the door in their face just because you’re not for sale.

Staying on the Same Page

Talk to your partners. Create your timeline. Understand where you all want to go. Avoid less “A” in your M&A than you’d hoped.

Prime Time

How you announce a transaction can prime the pump or harm the deal.

Credibility Counts

Name recognition can go a long way in recruiting a seller.

Go East, Young Man

Demand is so strong, buyers seek M&A opportunities overseas.

AssuredPartners Reaches the Top

The M&A roller coaster this year has the inevitable twists and turns.

Coming Out Swinging

January numbers punch a hole in 2013 monthly figures.

2013 M&A Trend Ends Strong

Deals are already spilling over into the new year.

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