Poll the Audience

Key takeaways from conversations with independent agency buyers and sellers

Don’t Discount the Touchy-Feely Side of M&A

Culture is everything. Without it, the numbers just don’t matter.

The Golden Age

Broker M&A continued its frenzied pace in 2015. Is there an end in sight?

Don’t Wait for the Cross-Court Pass

Like ballers who don’t play defense, buyers who don’t put the time in with sellers, often don’t get the deal.

Competing for a Shot

How Buyers Are Standing Out in a Seller’s Market

Real Job Security

Once you sell, what security do you have?

As Forecasted, 2015 Was a Banner Year

But 2016 could be the year of uncertainty.

Grow at All Costs

A Contrarian’s View of Wealth Creation

Seller Options

Know the advantages and disadvantages of looking at one potential buyer rather than many.

Private Equity’s Secret Sauce

Here’s why private equity is driving crazy valuations.

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