Progress and the NAIC in the same breath? Say it ain’t so! Think small (very small) progress.

Form and Substance

New ERISA compensation rules require full disclosure regardless of the form of compensation.

Time Delay

Failure to properly classify your employees as non-exempt from overtime pay could later cost you millions.

Stormy Affair

The states and the federal government are at odds over health insurance exchanges.

The Hacktivist Gunslinger

If cyberspace is the world’s new wild, wild West, the hacktivist is the new outlaw.

Fee Fi Fo Fum!

New initiatives could have giant carriers collecting broker fees, but beware the regulatory perils.

Brave Small World

As technology continues to shrink, insurance concerns grow exponentially.

Competing Interests

Be sure your firm doesn’t lose its balance in the New York two-step.

Known Knowns

There are known knowns in healthcare reform and known unknowns. As we approach reform deadlines, how much does the federal government really know?

Bungled Effort

Only state regulators could complicate an effort to simplify the regulation of surplus lines.

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