At the End of the Beginning

As cyber threats emerge, there is plenty to do to help your clients.

Alice’s Restaurant Syndrome

Is your à la carte ID making you the go-to firm for everything your client wants? A court shift may expand your liability.

Fresh Air for Whistleblowers

The Supreme Court has vastly expanded whistleblower protections.

The Privacy Police

Handling private healthcare information becomes more complicated.

Are We There Yet?

Obamacare is a party you wish would become a big bore.

Don’t Become a Target

The EU clamps down on broker data-collection compliance.

Browns Fan Optimism

We are ready to tackle a wide range of moves as part of our 2014 game plan.

No Subsidies, No Employer Mandate

Upcoming court decision could mean President Obama may have to again delay the individual mandate.

The Skinny Plan Starvation Diet

Do new HRA guidelines signal the end of the skinny plan/indemnity policy wrapper programs?

Contractors Bagged

Classify your workers wrong for health benefits and you will pay.

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