Opportunity Surfaces

Updated flood maps could raise rates, but they give you a sales opportunity to grandfather your clients’ rates—if you move rapidly.

Mobile Medicine

Consumers will access care through Wal-Mart, Google and the Internet. Data will define treatments. The old brokerage business model is dying.

Alternative Medicine

Medical concierge service: alternative healthcare for a price.

Who’s on First

Smart hiring gets you an A-team. Who is always on first. What is on second. You’ll have to read the book to find the fate of third.

Basics of the New Healthcare Reform Law

Large-Group Insured Plans, Small-Group Plans and Self-Insured Plans

Righting the Ship

Graham Clarke builds London’s employee-owned Miller with publicly owned discipline.

Benefits Firm M&A Will Change

Healthcare reform will likely harm smaller firms and change pricing formulas.

Medicare Tax Subsidy Cut

Will hit public company earnings in 2013.

New Rules for Highly Paid Workers

Healthcare reform expands impact of old tax regs.

Jumpers and Dumpers

Many game the Massachusetts system, helping to make it the most expensive healthcare insurance in the nation.

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