Brokers may escape reform of the Dodd-Frank financial services bill.


Can access and affordability triumph in repeal and replace?

The Payoff

The FBI says don’t, but there are compelling reasons to pay hackers a ransom. What should your clients do?

Game Changers

They shook up the industry, shaping it into its current form.

Our Heaven Is Their Hell

One insurance executive risks his fortune to save lives on the high seas because the world’s governments won’t.

Peer Pressure

Peer-to-peer insurance is all about throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

Is Autopilot the Answer?

Robo advisors open up 401(k) options for smaller-group business.

Prescription Addiction

While money and misinformation fuel America’s opioid crisis, brokers fight to change it.

Chain Reaction

Blockchain may be in your future, but do you want to lead the charge?

What’s Hiding in Your Data?

Liberty Mutual is using big data to combat costs and fraud in workers comp claims.

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