Boomers Ponder the Selfie Generation

Brokers who mentor millennials and use their technological prowess get a leg up on the competition.

The Next Great Idea

XL Catlin may not know where the next game changer will come from, but the company provides a platform for innovative ideas to flourish.

Creating Great Leaders

Competitive program pushes our future best and brightest brokers to define their leadership qualities.

When the Sky Is Falling, Bill Henry Sees Opportunity

“I saw him as the type of person I’d want to emulate. He’s a humble man and someone who wants to do good in the world.”

Predicting the Future

Unleashing the power of predictive modeling into broader uses shows great potential in an industry that has been slow to adopt data analytics.

Filling the Information Gaps

XL Catlin’s new app shows how data can improve risk analysis.

Data Don’t Lie

Data analytics will soon redefine your business.

Hacked and Damaged

YOU. HAVE. BEEN. HACKED. Are you prepared?

The Cowboy Culture

The cowboy culture defines the ability to sell as the ability to lead. Whose crazy idea was that? Is business really that good?

How Money Talks

Big Pharma’s hold on Congress and hidden cost structure slams your clients and carriers. What you can do about it.

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