Exit Strategy

Many retired state insurance regulators join the ranks of those they once regulated.

Bursting With Energy

New Council office reflects its energetic brand.

Pub, Pool Table and Starbucks Next to the Water Cooler

Brokers attract prospective clients as well as talent with a new office profile. Could working in insurance suddenly be cool?

Confusion Reigns

Selling cyber products requires a sharp eye for ever-changing details.

Cultivating Your Edge

An effective culture helps your firm recruit top talent, helps that talent retain vital skill sets and encourages reliable work force behavior.

The Choice

To sell or not to sell your brokerage

From Buzz to Bucks

Promising more leads, more sales and more profits, digital marketing offers a litany of new platforms on which to promote and conduct your business.

Opening! Sometime Soon

After more than 50 years, Cuba should slowly open for U.S. business—with the emphasis on slowly.

The Critical Link to Success

It’s time to rethink your staffing decisions. Account managers, not producers, bolster client retention and firm sales.

Black Magic

The alchemists of alternative capital shape the insurance fabric of the future and drive down prices at the same time.

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