In the Zone

Keep your head in the game retaining clients by using the competitive data hurtling right at you.

Cyber Shock

Demand for cyber risk coverage has expanded after last year’s massive data breach at Target, raising questions about GL sublimits and exclusions.

Airing Online Laundry

Much of your personal information will go public in the future, and the potential benefit to the insurance industry is huge.

The Elephant in the Room

The known unknowns will define the future of benefits brokerage.

The Perfect Storm

Unintended consequences: Has the healthcare reform tidal wave capsized hospitals?

Toxic Taste

Centuries ago a third of Europe was wiped out by the Black Plague.

More Volatile Political Risk

Underwriting a nation’s history doesn’t always predict its fragile future.

An Extremely Unique Bird

Industry insiders wonder what role Berkshire Hathaway’s new commercial venture, behind President Peter Eastwood, will play in an already saturated market.

Avoiding a Solar Eclipse

Staying within solar power’s shifting orbit is essential to the underwriting challenge of this quickly emerging and suddenly affordable market.

Opposites Attract

Management vows to marry its benefits and property-casualty sides. It’s not as tough a sell as you might think.

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