Health Care Reform: Are You Ready?

SHRM Supplement to Leader's Edge Magazine

Keep Your Starting Lineup Intact

Handle your roster the way NFL does (without the injuries).

Gambling With Bad Odds

Educated employees will beef up their disability coverage—on their own dime.

Black Hat Hospitals

Hospital billing practices often bear little relationship to the true cost of services.

What’s Cooking

The IRS has cooked up a lot of new rules for employers.

The Newly Eligible

Your clients may have more workers eligible for coverage than they think. Here’s how you help.

Captive Audience

Who is asking to be exempt from Nonadmitted & Reinsurance Reform Act?

Embracing State Insurance Exchanges

Obamacare means headaches for some and opportunities for others.

Marigold Years

For baby boomers, retirement may not be what they expected.

Life After Death

Brokers can help clients navigate a tragedy.

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