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Aug 2017

How’s Your Plan for 2017 Going?

More than halfway through the year, The Council’s senior VP of Leadership & Management Resources, Elizabeth McDaid, wants you to take a look at the strategy you laid out late last year for 2017 and assess your progress honestly.

Don’t feel bad, McDaid says, if you are way behind. A Harvard Business Review article estimates that 70% of efforts to make significant changes in organizations fail.

But having plenty of company doesn’t mean you should resign yourself to the status quo. Learn the steps required to actually carry out the change that you and your team envision.

In her Leader’s Edge column “Gut-Check Time,” McDaid suggests reading The 4 Disciplines of Execution by Chris McChesney and Sean Covey. It’s a close examination of what factors lead to such frequent failure in efforts to bring about change.

What are two of the chief reasons?

Lack of clarity. “Employees often do not understand their organization’s goals. Surveys show most people cannot reiterate the top three goals of their organization,” she writes.

The “whirlwind” of everyday operations. “Most people spend their energy keeping up with the daily demands of the job, leaving no time to implement a new strategy.”

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