The Management Series

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Knowledge Is There for the Taking—So Take It

It has never been easier to educate yourself on almost any topic. Here is don’t-miss advice from Leader’s Edge magazine on making time for learning. Read More

Data v. Judgment

Having the information available to measure things like performance is one of the boons of modern management. Read More

Will Californians Approve Tough Internet Privacy Rules?

New internet privacy rules took effect in Europe June 1, requiring compliance not just from EU companies but any U.S. firms that have an EU presence. Read More

Mistaking Hard Work for Good Work

Working ceaseless hours may feel satisfying, but the results often aren’t. How to tell the difference between being busy and being productive. Read More

Numbers Matter

The insurance industry is filled with managers and salespeople who don’t get math and are baffled by finance concepts and jargon. Read More

Large Employers See Costs for Addiction Treatment Escalate

The human toll of the nationwide opioid epidemic has been evident for several years now. But how much of a financial cost does it impose? Read More

Step Up Cyber-Security Scrutiny During M&A Efforts

To make sure they aren’t buying problems, buyers are bringing in large cyber-security teams to look over computer systems of their target acquisitions. Read More

Face It, AI Is the Future of Customer Experience

Companies need to get over their anxiety about artificial intelligence. Here’s how to make AI work for you and your customers. Read More

Concept of Corporate Culture Deserves More Than Lip Service

A positive corporate culture is crucial to engaging your workers—and keeping a competitive edge. Don’t-miss advice from Leader’s Edge magazine. Read More

Businesses Are Now Part of Gun Debate

The decision by some corporations to act after the mass shooting at a Florida high school is a big change. What’s driving the new corporate activism? Read More

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