The Management Series

When Chatbots Work—and When They Don’t

Customer service chatbots are here to stay, but until they are more reliable—and people are more comfortable with them—you’ll need human help too. Read More

A Unique Way to Expand

A Houston law firm is keeping top talent and landing Silicon Valley clients by flying top attorneys to California by corporate jet. Read More

What 2018 Holds for Cyber-Security Concerns, Issues

Look for more frequent, more sophisticated cyber attacks this year—plus trouble with new global cyber regulations. Read More

Don’t Overlook Leaders in Your Own Shop

Familiarity may not always breed contempt, but it can dampen enthusiasm—and lead to a missed opportunity for promoting solid talent. Read More

Smart Phones Offer Emotional Security, Marketing Opportunity

Warnings about overuse of smart phones are often dire. But one researcher is finding an unexpected upside: phone use can be soothing to adults. Read More

Vulnerable at the Top

Board directors need security training, too. They usually don’t get it. Read More

How to Measure ROI of Financial Wellness Programs

Financial wellness programs for employees certainly sound like a good idea. But can a client afford to add another program to the menu of benefits? Read More

What If: Planning for Disasters You Can’t Imagine

The onslaught of news about natural catastrophes, violence and a wave of sexual harassment allegations and lawsuits seems both unrelenting and unimaginable. Read More

Understanding the Power of Emotions in Negotiating

Is anger an ally while you are in intense negotiations? What can you do if you grow anxious and nervous in the midst of important talks? Read More

A Millennial Crib Sheet

It seems we talk ad nauseum about millennials as a crucial market segment. But do we really understand what makes millennials tick? Read More

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