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Smart Phones Key to Advances in Providing Telematics

Phone apps may make it much easier and cheaper to get drivers to adapt to the use of telematics. Don’t-miss advice from Leader’s Edge magazine. Read More

Add a Little-Known Weapon to Your Training Arsenal

You may be overlooking a reliable and affordable source for training employees. Read More

The Problem with Employee Surveys

Employees don’t really trust engagement surveys. One big reason? Employers often ignore criticism and don’t try to address complaints. Read More

Hackers Are Biggest Obstacle to Driverless Cars

There can’t be widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles until experts figure out how to thwart the threat of takeover or sabotage by hackers. Read More

More States Requiring Paid Sick Leave

Varying types of paid sick leave laws are taking effect in multiple states this year. More states may join soon, and there is some support for a federal law Read More

Local Colleges Can Fill Talent Needs—But…

It takes more than canned speeches and free coffee to lure students to a business sector with a reputation for being dull. Read More

Is Email Running—And Ruining—Your Work Life?

Overly zealous email habits can sabotage your productivity and even demoralize you and your staff. Read More

When Chatbots Work—and When They Don’t

Customer service chatbots are here to stay, but until they are more reliable—and people are more comfortable with them—you’ll need human help too. Read More

A Unique Way to Expand

A Houston law firm is keeping top talent and landing Silicon Valley clients by flying top attorneys to California by corporate jet. Read More

What 2018 Holds for Cyber-Security Concerns, Issues

Look for more frequent, more sophisticated cyber attacks this year—plus trouble with new global cyber regulations. Read More

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