The Management Series

January 2017

Another Strong M&A Year: Good News or Storm Warning?

2016 was a somewhat slower year for merger and acquisition activity globally than the $4.7 trillion record-buster 2015. Read More

Staffing the Ranks of Cyber Warriors

You may not have been alive back in the ’50s when the Soviet Union alarmed the United States by launching Sputnik, the earth’s first satellite. Read More

Confusion Ahead on Overtime Regs

Court rulings and appeals have everyone guessing about the fate of new overtime rules that are already supposed to be in effect. What should businesses do? Read More

Keep Employees by Shipping Them Out

A growing number of companies are trying to boost retention and employee learning by sending workers on temporary overseas assignments. Read More

Learn to Read Digital ‘Body Language’

Understanding body language has always been an important sales tool. But how do you read it if there is no body? Read More

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