The Management Series

October 2017

Insurers’ Role in Responding to Climate Change

Private insurers can help cities prepare for the effects of climate change. The key is better use of data. Read More

Attack Simulator Can Test Readiness, Risk

Steep losses, careless businesses and sophisticated criminals mean cyber insurers have to take defensive steps. Read More

Can Your Firm Reduce Discrimination in Hiring?

Most people and companies are certain they are not biased. But research has shown that most people are flat wrong. Read More

How to Deal with DACA Decision

What employers need to do now that President Trump has ended a program making it legal for some children of undocumented immigrants to work in the U.S. Read More

Don’t Write Off Mindfulness

It’s easy to dismiss all the chatter and about practicing mindfulness as yet another self-help fad that will soon pass. Read More

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