The Management Series

January 2015

Get More from Compensation Packages—Much More

Why do we provide merit pay and bonuses? Because they are crucial to encouraging department heads, producers—even CEOs—to meet and exceed performance. Read More

Create an Idea Meritocracy and Overcome Lazy Brain Syndrome

Organizations that prove themselves smarter and more innovative outdo operationally efficient peers. Read More

No Such Thing as a Perfect Hire

Institutionalize the way you deal with new hires who don’t work out to minimize the pain for all involved. Read More

Pet Insurance Popular with Staff but Plagued by Errors

Glitches in pet insurance claims can take the appeal out of this popular benefit. Read More

Your Supervisor May Be New, but You’re the One Who Must Adapt

Though compromise is optimal, in the end, it’s the boss’s way or the highway. Read More

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