Elizabeth Demaret

An AIG Starr Scholar, I came out of college and went to work at Cigna’s training program. I am truly a child of insurance.

Personal Lines - David McGurn Jr.

She told me to be nice to people as you work your way up the ladder because they will be the people who will help you be successful once you get there.

Kevin Davis

I originally took a class in a standup comedy because I wanted to improve my presentation skills, and it ended up being something I really enjoyed.

John Hahn

Don’t focus primarily on shareholder value. Create a great business culture for employees and serving clients. That will result in shareholder value.

Vinnie Daboul

My edge is the relationships I’ve built over 25 years.

Carl Beardmore

I’m fortunate not to be burdened with a long history with insurance. I’m not in a position where I answer the question before I’ve even heard it.

Terry H. Buckner

President and CEO, The Buckner Co.

Richard Canter

I had a window-washing business that became so successful the local mob asked me to stop.

Randal M. Lee

There are three things you don’t ask a ranch owner in Texas. Randal M. Lee, Managing Partner, Swantner & Gordon Insurance Agency

James Pender

My Dad said, ‘If you go to Yale, you’ll never have to explain to anybody what it was you did.’

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