• Under Water

    Government thwarts private participation in flood insurance.

    First Hurricane Harvey dumped unprecedented amounts of rain on Texas, causing massive flooding along the coast and in the Houston metro area. Then Hurricane Irma cut an unprecedented swath of destruction from one end of Florida to the next, causing flooding across and beyond state boundaries.

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  • What’s Behind Your Client’s Decisions?

    Behavioral science provides opportunities to understand and work past natural biases.

    Imagine you work for a healthcare management company. You’ve been encouraged to complete a health risk assessment (HRA), and the traditional incentive is $25. (Meh.) Today, however, you’ve been promised an additional $25 grocery gift certificate. A co-worker, on the other hand, has been offered the chance to participate in an office lottery to win up to $125 more as part of a four- to eight-member team. Each week, one such team will be selected from the lottery as a winner; everyone on that team who completed an HRA will get $100—plus $25 more if at least 80% of the team completed assessments.

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  • Stabilizing the World

    Placing insurance where it has never been before.

    An insurance man at a NATO meeting may sound as incongruous as a dogcatcher in an apiary. Still, Stephen Catlin, London luminary and founder of the eponymous Lloyd’s underwriting business (bought by XL Group for $4.1 billion in 2015), was called to address the West’s most powerful military alliance earlier this year. 

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  • What If?

    The internet goes dark

    The internet has gone down. How long can your business withstand the interruption? One day? Two days? One week? What if the outage were widespread? How long would it take for the financial impact to be ruinous?

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