• The Evolution of War

    Not even war appears capable of killing the cyber insurance market.

    A foreign country launches a physical attack by air, sea and land against a large American city, resulting in extraordinary property destruction and the loss of untold lives. Is this war? You bet.

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  • Guess Who’s Watching

    A new cyber-security center aims to be the clearinghouse for cyber information, training and response.

    In the war against cyber attacks, a major complication is the constant evolution in the scheming originality of the attackers. Last year more than 18 million new malware samples were conceived—an average of 200,000 viruses, spyware, worms and other insidious codes each day.

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  • The Client Experience Renaissance

    Your clients don’t need to be delighted. But they do need utility and simplicity.

    Our $5 trillion global insurance industry is in the midst of one of its biggest upheavals in history, and it will affect how brokers interact with and retain their clients. In an industry whose basics have remained largely unchanged for more than a century, longtime players are now scrambling to reshape the entire value chain, from product development to distribution to service delivery strategies. 

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