• ColoradoCare? Colorado Can’t!

    Colorado’s single-payer ballot initiative could eliminate private group benefits in the state. Supporters see it as the first domino to fall.

    In an election year in which former outsider candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders have ridden voter anger to the verge of presidential possibility, could voter disgust with the healthcare status quo result in a landmark victory for single-payer advocates and the beginning of the possible demise of benefits brokers?

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  • Protection Money

    Three billion dollars in protection money buys “obscene profits” on specialty drugs for Big Pharma. Now it’s killing your clients’ businesses.

    How do you turn a roomful of free-enterprise insurance executives into advocates of government intervention?

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  • Savings Bond

    Failure of workers to adequately fund their retirement creates opportunities for brokers to teach their clients how to help their employees help themselves.

    Council members control the majority of group benefits programs in the United States and thus are the gatekeepers for their clients’ retirement plans. With this issue, Leader’s Edge expands its benefits coverage to include retirement plans. Our first story explores where retirement programs stand today and the challenges that brokers face aiding their clients.

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  • Brokers Out of the Money

    The Obamacare Stakes is off to a slow start. A longer course and the likely winner could leave employer-sponsored healthcare plans in the dust.

    It’s 2016, and the muddy track of the Affordable Care Act is as congested as ever. There are no signs of a clear leader, but cracks are beginning to show in the edifice of owner solidarity. 

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  • 2016 M&A Executive Report

    The Golden Age

    Broker M&A continued its frenzied pace in 2015. Is there an end in sight?

  • Employee Benefits Whitepaper

    The New Normal? It’s all different.

    Our first dive into design-build employee benefits reveals just how versatile brokers need to be.

  • From the President & CEO

    Ode to the Underdogs

    The world of employee benefits is bypassing its own funeral procession and digging in to the serious issues that will change—not extinguish—our industry.

  • Brexit!

    Brexit Could Harm London Market

    UK insurers are putting on a brave face following the British electorate’s 52%-48% decision to leave the European Union.

  • Mutual Fund Excessive Advisory Fees

    Heading to Trial

    Mutual fund excessive advisory fee lawsuits are gaining steam, increasing the potential for expanded board and investment advisor liability.

  • Asking the Right Questions

    What Was the Question?

    Do you fail to ask questions when you should? Or do you fail to ask the right ones?

  • Healthcare Consolidation

    The Choice Cascade

    A hospital strategist discusses health systems, health plans and whether the two shall meet.

  • The NAIC

    Groundhog Day

    The NAIC has a history of moving with all due sluggishness. But when it comes to cyber security, picking up speed could be harmful.

  • Mobile Computing

    Localized Mobility

    Our reliance on outmoded ways of thinking about mobility is wasting its transformational benefits.

  • M&A

    Poll the Audience

    Key takeaways from conversations with independent agency buyers and sellers.

  • Earth Wind Map

    Tech Briefing

    Hypnotic, Informative Art

  • Storm Tracker

    Q&A with Dr. Louis Wicker

    Getting ahead of tornadoes

  • Member Q&A

    Dan Gowen

    Senior Vice President, National Practice Leader, Wells Fargo Insurance Services, Chicago

  • Member Q&A

    Rick Miley

    Founder, President & CEO, BroadStreet Partners, Columbus, Ohio