• Ungodly Errors

    Consulting services uncover deified doctor’s costly errors; find misdiagnoses in a fifth of decisions.

    Generations of medical students have been advised that when they hear hoof beats, they should think of horses, not zebras. 

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  • Crisis Cool

    From Boeing to Aon Hewitt, Kristi Savacool is cool in a pinch.

    At AT&T’s Dallas headquarters late last year, Marty Webb, the telecom giant’s vice president of benefits, guided his leadership team through the final decision to move the company’s post-65 retirees to a fully insured private Medicare exchange, a dramatic shift from the long-standing practice of providing supplemental coverage through a self-insured group plan.

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  • Don’t Get Busted

    FATCA police begin border patrol in 2015.

    Now it gets serious. The grace period for observing the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act is winding down. Beginning Jan. 1, FATCA will require brokers to meet a higher standard to prove that companies they place business with comply with U.S. tax law.

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  • The Hall of Acclaim

    Game Changers

    They made their mark and changed an industry.

  • EdgeNation: Aspen Insurance

    Pre-existing Claims

    If your claims department is involved before the policy is even issued, you create a pre-existing condition everyone can live with.

  • EdgeWorthy

    No Looking Back

    It’s the disrupters who made a real impact on our business, our lives and the lives of others.

  • Election Reflection

    Crashing Waves

    The wave of Republicans elected in November won’t necessarily save TRIA.