• Medical Exam

    Tech-enabled transparency is a major step in regaining control of healthcare costs.

    If you want to understand business trends, you’re often told to follow the money. We watched more than a billion dollars pour into insurance technology companies in 2016, and one of the most heavily funded insurtech areas was healthcare. 

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  • Thinking of Retirement?

    The retirement business is complicated, difficult and very lucrative. Opportunities abound, but is it right for your firm?

    Thirty-five years ago, American employers began shedding costly pension plans and shifting their workforces to newly minted 401(k) plans. Today, those savings accounts present problems of their own—and opportunities for benefits brokers thinking about entering the retirement planning space.

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  • It Takes a Team to Challenge the Norm

    Toss the transactional mindset. Adopt a consultancy before some startup makes toast of your firm.

    What does it take to get to the top and stay there? With annual premium growth across the market dragging in the low single digits, how can companies grow? 

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  • Seasoned Traveler

    Hartford, Connecticut

    Phil Rigueur of Aetna talks art, history and more in New England’s rising star.

  • Travel

    To Canada with Love

    Toronto is commemorating the Canadian Confederation’s 150th birthday with a year-long celebration.

  • Disability Insurance

    Preventing Buyer’s Remorse

    Make your clients’ disability insurance coverage work harder for them.

  • Internal Cyber Breaches

    Inside Job

    Consider the range of attacks committed by employees or trusted insiders.

  • Member Q&A

    Jenn Walsh

    Senior Vice President & Partner, Woodruff-Sawyer & Co., San Francisco

  • Digital After Deadline

    VIDEO: Tough Minded In A Soft Market

    Council members speak their mind on what it takes to succeed in today’s insurance environment.

  • Building a Holistic Business Model

    Run! Run! Run! Bolt! Bolt! Bolt!

    Our technology is a game of catching up and bolting on. Instead, use tech to build a business model that makes you indispensable.

  • M&A

    Face Value

    Look beyond opinion when vetting deals.

  • Tech-Forward Dental Benefits

    Cleaning Up

    Q&A with Alex Frommeyer, Co-Founder and CEO, Beam Dental

  • Fitness Wearables in the Workplace

    10,000 Steps

    More companies are promoting fitness wearables to improve the health and safety of their workforce.