• The Yin and Yang of Cloud Computing

    Ditching expensive in-house legacy systems could be like cutting loose an anchor. Just make sure your navigational map is plotted before you do.

    When it came to migrating IT systems to the cloud a couple years back, a brokerage seeking an edge needed to decide whether to stick with the current on-premises computing technology or send it all on a rocket into the cloud.

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  • The Marketing Mind

    Using automation tools, marketers can harness data to drive new business.

    Making the digital transformation means evaluating all parts of your business to see where digital tools and strategy can have an impact. One increasingly important piece to this puzzle is marketing.

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  • Data, Data, Everywhere

    Capture your future and grow your business by harnessing available data.

    Would you like to predict the future? The proper use of data—both internal and external, might let you do just that.

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  • 2016 M&A Executive Report

    The Golden Age

    Broker M&A continued its frenzied pace in 2015. Is there an end in sight?

  • Employee Benefits Whitepaper

    The New Normal? It’s all different.

    Our first dive into design-build employee benefits reveals just how versatile brokers need to be.

  • From the President & CEO

    It’s all about the hustle, baby.

    Adapting over time is essential to corporate success.

  • Cyber Security

    Lots of Questions

    What’s the board’s role in cyber security? Asking the right questions before, during and after a cyber event.