• Bon Appétit!

    Cyber regs are a mouthful.

    Business and trade associations have long argued that companies can manage their cyber-security programs without government interference. Those groups seem perilously close to losing the argument.

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  • Exposed

    #MeToo means more coverage needs for your clients.

    It started with Harvey Weinstein. When The New York Times and The New Yorker magazine broke their explosive stories that dozens of women reported incidents of sexual harassment, abuse and even rape by the Hollywood film producer, the revelations lit a fuse that had clearly been waiting for this breath of oxygen to spark.

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  • Click. Bind. Repeat.

    London portals make placing small business for U.S. brokers easy and profitable.

    High-tech wizardry is revolutionizing our world. When insurers began selling auto and homeowners cover directly to clients over the internet long ago, thousands of agents were thrust out of work over a few short years. 

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  • Regulatory Sandboxes

    Thinking Outside the Sandbox

    Insurtech experimentation is proliferating in sandboxes across the globe.

  • 2017 Year in Review

    ‘Same Old’ Economy?

    M&A continues to heat up, but the long-term outlook throws some headwinds in the face of this continued pace.

  • Covering Your M&A

    When a Deal Goes South

    You’ve done the deal and find all is not as it seemed. How could you have avoided this?

  • Business Finance

    Read the Numbers

    Understanding financial concepts is crucial for managers and sales professionals.

  • Seasoned Traveler

    Los Angeles, California

    Jerry Sullivan, Chairman, The Sullivan Group, shares his hometown highlights.

  • Private Capital Investors

    New PE Players

    Private capital is more diverse, more long-term and more interested in the insurance industry than ever before.

  • Brokerage M&A

    Who’s Buying?

    Following another record M&A year, we are seeing a plot twist with new private capital entering the marketplace.

  • Top 10 Buyers

    Behind the Curtain

    The top 10 buyers offer a peek into their strategies.

  • Spotlight on Healthcare Costs

    Digital Therapy

    Q&A with Rob Guigley, VP of Sales and Health Plans, Omada Health

  • Machine Learning

    Machines Learn Policy Review

    Chris Cheatham, Co-founder and CEO, RiskGenius

  • Leadership

    Culture Is Your Business

    Reduce turnover by engaging employees with a refined company culture.

  • Association Health Plans

    The Magic Bullet?

    Feds expand use of association health plans in hopes of combating rising costs.

  • Member Q&A

    Ross Buchmueller

    President & CEO, PURE Insurance

  • Fast Tracks


    April 4, 2018, marks 50 years since Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.