• Wild About Wall Street

    Are insurance-linked securities too complex for all but the largest brokerages?

    The potential of insurance-linked securities already has been unleashed on the reinsurance market, but the next frontier is coming into view—large corporate clients willing to bypass traditional insurers and reinsurers to deal directly with the capital markets. 

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  • Digital Mind Field

    The Internet of Things blurs fault lines as it shifts personal risk to commercial in many sectors.

    Our world is fast becoming a colossal digital ecosystem. Our cars, homes and offices. Our friends, families and colleagues. 

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  • Quiet Before The Storm

    After eight hurricanes in two years, Florida has faced none in a decade, giving the nation’s most storm-prone state time to recover. But is it ready yet?

    During one 14-month period, from August 2004 to October 2005, eight hurricanes pummeled Florida, causing more than 200 deaths and billions of dollars in damage. Hurricane Wilma, the final blow, killed five people, cut off power to more than three million homes and businesses, and caused nearly $17 billion in damage. 

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  • Autonomous Automobiles

    Driving You Mad

    Go ahead. Take your eyes off the road and hands off the wheel.

  • Employee Benefits Whitepaper

    The New Normal? It’s all different.

    Our first dive into design-build employee benefits reveals just how versatile brokers need to be.

  • From the President & CEO

    What If We Don’t?

    Don’t let the talent challenge become the reason you don’t move. The future starts here.

  • Leadership’s Role in Big Data

    The Amazon Effect

    Your competition is anyone who provides a better customer experience than you.