• The Epicenter

    Its culture of fairness keeps the British capital at the center of everything.

    Visiting London is a key rite of passage for any young person working in the international commercial insurance business. A foray into the distinctly strange, inside-out Lloyd’s building, with its elevators and heating ducts on the outside and its concentration of underwriting talent on the trading floor inside, is de rigueur.

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  • The Great Divide

    November’s elections don’t promise to bridge Washington’s fissures, but they could be a first step to…something…maybe…we think.

    Nate Silver, the statistician who famously predicted the specifics of the 2008 and 2012 elections, has written much about how we can distinguish true signals from a universe of noisy data.  

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  • In the Zone

    Keep your head in the game retaining clients by using the competitive data hurtling right at you.

    There is data swirling around in your future, rocketing in your direction at light speed. It will fill every nook and cranny of your agency and, no doubt, will sometimes overwhelm you. 

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  • EdgeNation

    The Big Picture

    Program business digs into the small details to create some big numbers. While some question its growth potential, others see real opportunity.

  • Tech Changers

    Technology Revolutionaries

    People and events who changed the face of business technology.

  • EdgeWorthy

    The Council’s Got Talent

    Jargon intimidates most young adults and cause many to shy away from perusing insurance as a profession.

  • Legal Issues

    Soap Opera Moment

    Opposing ACA court rulings create a mess. A lot is happening, but is anything changing?