• Penetrating Healthcare Costs’ Dark Side

    Employers are fighting mad about healthcare cost hikes, and they’re starting to punch back.

    The days of passing the buck in healthcare just might be numbered. For years, employers have endured annual increases in the cost of medical benefits. 

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  • How Money Talks

    Big Pharma’s hold on Congress and hidden cost structure slams your clients and carriers. What you can do about it.

    Stunning breakthroughs in the use of living organisms to create new pharmaceuticals are resulting in groundbreaking treatments for cancer, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and other diseases, but the price tag for the medications can be staggering. 

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  • The Cowboy Culture

    The cowboy culture defines the ability to sell as the ability to lead. Whose crazy idea was that? Is business really that good?

    When the market is in flux and the pressure is on, the decision to pursue change and innovation should be easy. 

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  • Company Culture

    Cultivating Your Edge

    An effective culture helps your firm recruit top talent, helps that talent retain vital skill sets and encourages reliable work force behavior.

  • M&A Executive Report

    The Choice

    To sell or not to sell your brokerage

  • EdgeWorthy

    When Pigs Fly

    The Cadillac tax would be the first tax on employee benefits in U.S. history. Bipartisan opposition means we may not make the record books.

  • A Persian Fairy Tale

    The Accidental Broker

    Being prepared will help you stumble upon the next health benefits opportunity. The Council will help too.