• Creating Great Leaders

    Competitive program pushes our future best and brightest brokers to define their leadership qualities.

    In the early stages of an insurance producer’s career, there’s a seemingly endless expanse of time before making the big decisions that affect the agency’s success both now and in the years to come. On this particular morning in Nashville, there’s an hour and 39 minutes.

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  • Boomers Ponder the Selfie Generation

    Brokers who mentor millennials and use their technological prowess get a leg up on the competition.

    His dream of pitching in the Major Leagues short-circuited by injury, college baseball standout Kevin Waldinger set out to make a name for himself in the corporate world.

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  • When the Sky Is Falling, Bill Henry Sees Opportunity

    “I saw him as the type of person I’d want to emulate. He’s a humble man and someone who wants to do good in the world.”

    If you call Bill Henry a Pollyanna, he won’t tell you you’re wrong. He’s too nice for that. 

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  • Leading Edge | Sponsored Content

    The Next Great Idea

    XL Catlin may not know where the next game changer will come from, but the company provides a platform for innovative ideas to flourish.

  • Aggressive Nice Guy

    The Henry File

    Meet Bill Henry, CEO, McQueary Henry Bowles Troy

  • EdgeWorthy

    Old Men, Shady Characters, Dull Cubicles

    A good summer read: opening eyes, putting minds at ease and changing millennial attitudes. Maybe not a bestseller, but the next best thing.

  • Washington Woes

    It’s Better Than Crack

    Not much of an endorsement though—especially when Congress isn’t moving and Obama can’t move out soon enough.