• The Birds

    Domestic drones create a vast market for brokers but raise innumerable privacy and safety concerns.

    The future seems limitless for commercial drones across the United States, but could their expected legalization in 2015 result in more harm than good? 

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  • Wanted: The Young and Healthy

    Will Obamacare play fair with small-business captives?

    With smaller companies increasingly growing comfortable with the notion of self-insuring and larger companies finding new reasons to form captive insurers, the captive industry’s growth trajectory has been much smoother than the broader economy’s bumpy recovery from the recent recession.  

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  • Cycle Through

    Is the age of insurance cycles finally coming to an end? Better, faster data and lousy investment returns appear to say so.

    Death. Taxes. Insurance cycles. For the past half-century in the commercial property-casualty marketplace, that trio could be counted on.

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  • Feast or Famine

    Discover if your firm’s compensation is competitive or too little, too late.

    Is that a thirsty top producer over by the office water cooler? Or a slow-sipping straggler?

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  • Consumer Postcards

    Message Control

    When marketing consumer-driven health plans, you need to sweat the details.

  • Sales Tools?

    The Computer Revolution Is Over

    Brush away the hype, the blaring indie rock and the disco balls. It’s clear we aren’t in a revolutionary cycle, but you do need a better plan for your tech.

  • Non-admitted Brazil

    All Business Is Local

    Doing business in Brazil? Stay calm and immerse yourself in the large native market.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    Milking the Meetings

    Buyers offer a lot of market intelligence, so don’t slam the door in their face just because you’re not for sale.

  • Tech Q&A

    Q&A with Tom Srail

    Tom Srail Executive Vice President, Practice Leader: Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industry, Willis North America

  • Tech-No-Savvy

    Tech Briefing September 2014

    Wearable Health

  • Personal Lines

    Natalia Zaborovska

    Natalia Zaborovska, Network Director, MAI CEE Group, Latvia

  • Personal Lines

    Alex Lintner

    Alex Lintner, President & CEO, Vertafore, Bothell, Washington