• It’s High Time We Deal with Pot

    But conflicting federal and state law create unclear implications.

    A total of 29 states, the District of Columbia, Guam and Puerto Rico have legalized marijuana for medical use. Eight of those states and D.C. have fully legalized marijuana for recreational use.

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  • Angels in My Lifetime

    Putting aside their own challenges, insurance professionals answer the call in Houston.

    Hurricane Harvey made landfall near the Texas towns of Port Aransas and Port O’Connor as a Category 4 hurricane on a Friday night and then slowly—dangerously too slowly—made its way up the coast to Houston and surrounding cities.

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  • The Last Mile Begins Many Steps Ahead

    In the wake of a catastrophe, it takes painstaking planning to be there for clients.

    The morning following Hurricane Irma, Kathy Richichi surveyed the damage to the Marina Bay Club in Naples, Florida, where she is the community association manager. There was a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that had been sucked out and smashed all over the pool deck. The roof of the gazebo had blown off, and more than 500 roof tiles were damaged or ripped from the condo roof. 

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  • Flood Vs. Wind

    The Odd Couple

    Harvey and Irma packed different types of punches, affecting different lines of insurance.

  • Member Q&A

    Tim Prichard

    President, Wells Fargo Insurance, San Francisco

  • Emerging Leaders

    Right Under Our Nose

    We don’t always see the potential leaders in our own organization.

  • Reference-Based Pricing

    A Common Language

    Q&A with Rod Cruickshank, President & CEO of The Partners Group

  • Cat Modeling

    Model Citizens

    Nonprofit and for-profit cat modelers tackle global underinsurance.

  • Data Breach

    The Equifax Hack

    An empire built on your personal information reveals flaws in its foundation that will be felt for decades.

  • Travel

    Raising Arizona

    Scottsdale, Arizona is an up-and-coming wine destination.

  • Seasoned Traveler

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Marek Kalbáč, Global Services Director at Renomia, shares the city’s history and new generation.

  • Tech Use in Claims

    Tech Tackles Hurricane Claims

    Drones, phones and more in cat claims.

  • Blockchain in Use

    One Truth

    Q&A with Jayant Khadilkar, Global Head of Analytics and Technology, TigerRisk Partners

  • M&A

    What’s Your Value: Good or Great?

    Even in this robust M&A market, the highest value appears to still be reserved for peak performers.

  • Insurance Chatbots

    Let’s Chat!

    Insurers are increasing use of digital voice assistants and chatbots.

  • Digital After Deadline

    Walk the Talk

    Q&A with Zenefits Vice President of Carrier Relations Colin Rogers

  • We Are With You

    Vegas Will Shine On

    Despite the horrible attack that just occurred, Las Vegas remains strong and vibrant.