• Startups Startin’ Somethin’

    Insurtech incites business revolution. It won't be long before insurtech is driving the bus, but you can navigate if you get up to speed.

    A few years ago, insurtech wasn’t even a topic of conversation in the boardroom. Today, it’s the buzziest of buzzwords, fueled by capital investment. 

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  • Callous Capitalism

    Clients, millennials and workers are losing faith in the heartless corporate culture. Can the insurance industry actually be the solution?

    People are losing faith in institutions. Brexit, Trump, WikiLeaks, the rise of alternative news sites and incessant protesting in the streets are symptoms of a deep and growing cynicism in the U.S. and abroad. 

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  • Born from the Ashes of Crisis

    PAR’s E&O program saved many firms and thrives today, changing constantly to meet new middle-market threats.

    It was the mid-1980s, and The Graham Company was going through a scare. The market for errors and omissions coverage had evaporated. 

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