• Buck Shot

    The economic risks of guns: insurers and government shoulder the burden.

    It can happen anywhere.

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  • Rebel with a Cause

    When Tom Leonardi aired the NAIC’s dirty laundry, he drew attention to a rift among regulators.

    Thanks to the colorful invective he let loose in a now-famous letter to his fellow state insurance regulators, Connecticut insurance commissioner Tom Leonardi has emerged as the rebel within the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

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  • Standing up for the Little Guy

    Small self-funded group plans face off with regulators. It’s break down or break out time.

    Employers who self-fund employee benefits are legion, and the further legions that now appear ready to join them represent a major opportunity for benefits brokers. 

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  • Facing Down the Bully of Wall Street

    Despite the New York attorney general’s questionable high-pressure tactics, Joe Peiser refused to budge.

    Former Marsh & McLennan executive Joe Peiser’s introduction to the criminal justice system could have been worse, as these matters go. 

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