• Black Magic

    The alchemists of alternative capital shape the insurance fabric of the future and drive down prices at the same time.

    Modern financial alchemists have made the transformation of base natural catastrophe risk into a golden investment opportunity—and made it tantalizingly simple. 

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  • The Critical Link to Success

    It’s time to rethink your staffing decisions. Account managers, not producers, bolster client retention and firm sales.

    So where’s the next big threat to brokers in the next 24 months? Healthcare reform? Pricing elasticity changes? Disruptive new market entrants? Disintermediation? 

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  • Googlezilla

    Replete with capital and data, Internet giants prepare to devour the insurance industry.

    The Google executive stepped to the podium at a recent conference in London to confront an audience of insurance underwriting and brokerage executives. They had come to hear him talk about the London insurance market and the use of technology. They got an earful.

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  • Have You Got What it Takes?

    Innovative leadership training will help brokers accomplish what they never thought possible.

    As the structure of the insurance brokerage industry has become more sophisticated—with larger firms and more outside investors—so have the leadership demands. 

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  • Next/Gen

    White Bread Fiction

    With top-tier talent snubbing the insurance industry for failing to articulate its story, major players have stepped in to reverse the trend.

  • The Hall of Acclaim

    Game Changers

    They made their mark and changed an industry.

  • EdgeWorthy

    Information Rich, Knowledge Poor

    Data affects your firm top to bottom, left to right, and it’s not just an IT issue.

  • Smoking Cuban Question

    Cuban Trade Living on Island Time

    Insurance potential is close but no cigar if congressional Cuba hawks have their way.