• Streamlining Drugs

    How You Can Cut the Cost of Prescription Meds

    When Michael Rea worked as a Walgreens pharmacist, patients always asked him why their prescription medication costs were always rising. So many asked, in fact, that Rea created a canned response for their queries.

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  • Come out and Play

    State regulators say they are all for Insurtech regulatory sandboxes to spur growth.

    What’s so hard about building a sandbox? After all, what do you need other than some planks and sand? 

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  • What Disruption?

    Plenty have claimed it. One might do it. Meet Samir Shah.

    A lot has been said about disruption in the insurance industry, but to date, there has been very little in the retail market. Editor in chief Rick Pullen recently sat down with Samir Shah, CEO of Ledger Investing, to talk about the future disruptive nature of insurance-linked securities.

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  • Digital After Deadline

    The Wild West

    Self-driving car accidents are making headlines. What does it mean for the industry’s future?

  • Seasoned Traveler

    Porto, Portugal

    José Manuel Fonseca, MDS Group CEO and Brokerslink Founder, talks charm and ease in Porto.

  • Lifelong Learning

    Take Five

    Knowledge converts into the kind of things money can’t buy.

  • Facebook Data Scandal

    Losing Face

    Facebook’s lack of governance may cost more than a mere breach would.

  • Spotlight on Healthcare Costs

    Cutting Drug Prices—German Style

    Q&A with Elizabeth Seeley, adjunct lecturer on health policy and management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

  • Blockchain

    Blockchain Changes

    Q&A with Pavel Bains, CEO of Singapore-based Bluzelle

  • Brokerage M&A

    Buyers Don’t Know It All

    Sellers who focus on driving value can leverage their skill sets and realize more opportunity than they imagined.

  • Estate Tax Exemption

    Affairs of Estate

    Tax reform may make you rethink your perpetuation plan.

  • Member Q&A

    Elizabeth Krystyn

    Founding Partner, BKS

  • Fast Tracks

    Chilling by the River

    The newly finished Chicago Riverwalk is part of a 15-year project that has turned an open sewer into a unique urban asset.