• Hacked and Damaged

    YOU. HAVE. BEEN. HACKED. Are you prepared?

    The attackers struck unexpectedly and with devastating results. Earlier this year terrorists disabled the electronic shut-off systems on the furnaces at a steel mill in Germany, shutting down the facility and causing massive damage to a furnace that could not be properly turned off. 

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  • Data Don’t Lie

    Data analytics will soon redefine your business.

    One would think the insurance industry—the most data intensive of all businesses—would be leading all others in applying predictive analytics to better price and market its products and services. Think again.  

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  • Predicting the Future

    Unleashing the power of predictive modeling into broader uses shows great potential in an industry that has been slow to adopt data analytics.

    The insurance industry’s use of predictive data analytics reminds one of Aristotle’s famous phrases, “The more you know, the more you don’t know.”

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  • Inevitability

    A Matter of Time

    You will be hacked. What are you doing now to prepare?

  • Washington Woes

    It’s Better Than Crack

    Not much of an endorsement though—especially when Congress isn’t moving and Obama can’t move out soon enough.

  • Your Marketing Gap

    Experience Matters

    Until disruptors resolve this industry’s underlying issues, they aren’t disrupting anything.

  • Inside the Fire Wall

    Beginning at the End

    Identifying a hacker at the endpoint substantially reduces your discovery time for detecting an invasion.

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

    The Fireworks Are Not Over

    Billions of dollars are pouring into the M&A marketplace.

  • Violence

    The Long, Hot Summer

    Beware more Baltimore-style civil unrest this summer. Its insurance consequences would be significant.

  • Match Game

    Hooking Up

    Brokers and carriers play Match Game using new analytics to determine compatibility.

  • Employee Benefits Analysis

    Employee Analytics

    New innovations in employee benefits analysis are changing pricing and underwriting.

  • Tech-no-savvy

    Tech Briefing

    From cell phone to X-Box, Windows 10 will connect almost everything.

  • Tech Q&A

    Q&A with Joe Cione

    Joe Cione, Lead Scientist, Coyote Unmanned Aircraft System National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

  • Personal Lines

    Bon Vivant

    Hacker, Bon Vivant, Troublemaker

  • Personal Lines

    Jon Trevisan

    Jon Trevisan, Senior Vice President, Director of Placement, National Human Capital Practice, Willis