• Blind Ambition

    Recognize your own weaknesses and cope with what you don’t do best.

    As a CEO, passion for the business can be a beautiful thing. But when that passion extends to being engaged in every last detail, things can get ugly.

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  • Powerball!

    Do activist investors force you to trim, squeeze and shed too much? Or do they make you a better company?

    When hedge fund manager and activist investor William Ackman sent a letter to the board of directors of pharmaceutical giant Allergan three years ago, he didn’t leave anyone guessing about his intentions. “Your actions,” Ackman wrote, “have wasted corporate resources, delayed enormous potential value creation for shareholders and are professionally and personally embarrassing for you.”

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  • Homegrown

    David Becker is the brains behind Cottingham & Butler’s 14 years of spectacular organic growth.

    In a masterpiece of marketing, Dubuque, Iowa, now calls itself the “Masterpiece on the Mississippi.” Indeed, in recent years the city of 58,000 has been lauded for its lively, art-infused riverfront development, growing technology and financial services industries, and relaxed way of life.

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