• Peer Pressure

    Peer-to-peer insurance is all about throwing spaghetti against the wall to see what sticks.

    “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” The proverbial phrase encouraging optimism in the face of adversity is the underlying principle of insurtech startup Lemonade, the nation’s first peer-to-peer (P2P) insurance company but undoubtedly not its last.

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  • Our Heaven Is Their Hell

    One insurance executive risks his fortune to save lives on the high seas because the world’s governments won’t.

    A single image explains Chris Catrambone’s obsession. It’s a photo of a toddler lying on his stomach as if napping in a crib. 

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  • Game Changers

    They shook up the industry, shaping it into its current form.

    Each year The Council identifies those who have made extraordinary contributions to the insurance industry and especially to commercial brokerage. We call them Game Changers.—Editor

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  • Liberty Mutual Sponsored Content

    The Real Cost of Risk

    Unearthing the hidden costs of customer risk and measuring the money saved when loss doesn’t happen can drive an insurer’s value.

  • Starr Companies Sponsored Content

    High Risk, Big Values, but Big Bust?

    Energy insurers struggle to maintain sector profitability following a drop in demand, 250,000 layoffs, a soft market and sinking premium dollars.

  • From the President & CEO

    The Great Divide

    The most troubling election in recent history calls for a united response.

  • Politics

    Underneath the Rubble

    A conventional-wisdom look at healthcare and taxes under the new Republican order.

  • Life Lessons

    My Game Changers

    These people have made a difference in my life.

  • Marketing

    Digital Body Language

    Reading body language to make a sale isn’t what it used to be.

  • Doing Business in Cuba

    Uncertainty Abounds, Opportunity Exists

    How will Fidel Castro’s death affect Cuba? Will Trump engage?

  • 2016 M&A Executive Report

    The Golden Age

    Broker M&A continued its frenzied pace in 2015. Is there an end in sight?

  • Data Analytics

    Making Sense

    Just how do you make sense of data to help your firm?

  • Reflections

    Wish You Were Here

    Honoring the life and legacy of Dave Oberkircher

  • Business Relationships

    Change Gamer

    Look inside to grow outside.

  • Employee Shareholders

    Know Your Role

    Distinguish between a “partner” and a “leader” so you can expand ownership opportunities and increase your value.

  • Tech Briefing

    Holiday Gift Ideas

    OK Google. Where’s my foldable drone?

  • Emerging Tech Transforms Claims

    Incubating Innovation

    Q&A with Karen Furtado, Partner, Strategy Meets Action

  • Member Q&A

    Jon Loftin

    President & COO, MJ Insurance, Indianapolis

  • Member Q&A

    Rob Cohen

    Chairman and CEO, IMA Financial Group, Denver