• Cultivating Your Edge

    An effective culture helps your firm recruit top talent, helps that talent retain vital skill sets and encourages reliable work force behavior.

    Is your brokerage truly different from competing firms? Are your employees a cohesive team fully engaged in meaningful work toward a shared purpose? 

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  • Confusion Reigns

    Selling cyber products requires a sharp eye for ever-changing details.

    While carefully examining a cyber insurance policy, John Ahmuty, a broker for Swett & Crawford, uncovered a confusing requirement for coverage to be effective. According to the policy, the insured’s security software had to be the “most up to date.” 

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  • Exit Strategy

    Many retired state insurance regulators join the ranks of those they once regulated.

    If you take a stroll through Maryland’s regulatory revolving door with the state’s new insurance commissioner, Al Redmer Jr., you get a better picture of what’s going on between the regulated and the regulator.

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  • The Choice

    To sell or not to sell your brokerage

    Many agencies are forced to sell, but high performers have a choice. 

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  • The Environment

    Pub, Pool Table and Starbucks Next to the Water Cooler

    Brokers attract prospective clients as well as talent with a new office profile. Could working in insurance suddenly be cool?

  • New Offices

    Bursting With Energy

    New Council office reflects its energetic brand.

  • EdgeWorthy

    The Black Hole

    Growing demand for cyber-risk protection increases coverage complexities, highlighting emerging market opportunities and challenges.

  • The Supremes

    Hog Heaven or Makin’ Bacon?

    Opponents of Obamacare subsidies may have pushed the court to rule in their opponent’s favor.