• Googlezilla

    Replete with capital and data, Internet giants prepare to devour the insurance industry.

    The Google executive stepped to the podium at a recent conference in London to confront an audience of insurance underwriting and brokerage executives. They had come to hear him talk about the London insurance market and the use of technology. They got an earful.

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  • White Bread Fiction

    With top-tier talent snubbing the insurance industry for failing to articulate its story, major players have stepped in to reverse the trend.

    Jamie Rodgers is looking forward to her first risk management course at Temple University’s Fox School of Business this spring semester. Up until now, her education about the profession has come from two sources. One is a friend who is majoring in the field. The other is “The Real Housewives of Orange County.”

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  • Have You Got What it Takes?

    Innovative leadership training will help brokers accomplish what they never thought possible.

    As the structure of the insurance brokerage industry has become more sophisticated—with larger firms and more outside investors—so have the leadership demands. 

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