• Undergrads Launch Bermuda Captive

    Butler University’s program may just be the answer industry talent scouts have coveted.

    On the first day of Michaela Neal’s Special Topics in Risk Management course at Butler University, Professor Zach Finn welcomed the class with the news they’d be creating a student-run insurance captive.

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  • Double Vision

    In theory, ACOs promise great value, but how do they fare in practice?

    In theory, everyone wins when you create an accountable care organization. Providers earn financial incentives for providing higher-quality, more coordinated care while avoiding wasteful spending, and insurers spend less on a system that’s better tailored to patients’ needs. That’s the theory, anyway.

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  • Making Sense of Something

    Crazed Washington will keep us both jumping in 2018.

    Each year we ask our intrepid lobbyists, Joel and Joel (that’s Wood and Kopperud to most of you), to take up their partisan cudgels and defend their passions, explain their political visions and give us some clarity about our industry’s political future (i.e., what the hell is Washington doing to us now). This is their latest salvo, via traceable emails, of course (this is Washington, after all). — Editor

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  • Don’t Tell, Don’t Ask

    Can genetic testing give consumers the edge in long-term care?

    A simple test can now tell consumers if they have an increased tendency to develop chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease. For carriers, is it an opportunity in disguise or a threat to their risk pools?

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  • Famous Who Claim Us

    Linda Fiorentino

    It’s the women you have to watch out for.

  • Fast Tracks

    What’s Old Is New Again

    Baltimore balances its rich history with modern sensibilities.

  • From The Council Chairman

    The Onus Is on Us

    We are an old industry that needs new blood, and we need to invest in that talent now.

  • From the Editor in Chief

    A Reboot

    Leader’s Edge will be transitioning this year in a new direction.