• Opening! Sometime Soon

    After more than 50 years, Cuba should slowly open for U.S. business—with the emphasis on slowly.

    The Obama administration’s decision to thaw the 54-year freeze in U.S.-Cuban relations has set off a flurry of speculation about a new market for American businesses and, with it, the opportunity for U.S. insurers and reinsurers to dip into long uncharted waters. 

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  • From Buzz to Bucks

    Promising more leads, more sales and more profits, digital marketing offers a litany of new platforms on which to promote and conduct your business.

    What in the world is digital marketing? It’s certainly more than an agency dabbling in social media or creating a basic website or using primitive search engine optimization techniques to attract readers to the site. 

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  • The Choice

    To sell or not to sell your brokerage

    Many agencies are forced to sell, but high performers have a choice. 

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  • Black Magic

    The alchemists of alternative capital shape the insurance fabric of the future and drive down prices at the same time.

    Modern financial alchemists have made the transformation of base natural catastrophe risk into a golden investment opportunity—and made it tantalizingly simple. 

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