• Almost Human

    Supercomputer Watson actually grows wiser as it gathers data, leaving a trail of enlightened business knowledge behind.

    As we age, we feel we’ve acquired wisdom from life’s varied experiences. Why not the same for a machine?

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  • Architects of Fear

    Workplace shootings: big threat or media hype?

    The dispatch requesting all available units to respond to a report of an active shooting diverted Captain Joseph Spiess from his daily commute to the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department headquarters downtown. 

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  • Still Underwater

    New flood insurance regulations and planned private sector expansion could someday create new opportunities.

    In an effort to stay afloat, the National Flood Insurance Program is shifting risk away from the government and onto policyholders and the private market.

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  • 2016 M&A Executive Report

    The Golden Age

    Broker M&A continued its frenzied pace in 2015. Is there an end in sight?

  • Employee Benefits Whitepaper

    The New Normal? It’s all different.

    Our first dive into design-build employee benefits reveals just how versatile brokers need to be.

  • From the President & CEO

    Going Global, at Home and Abroad

    The Council strives to give you a voice in global industry affairs.

  • ACA Reform

    The Fix

    Whoever our next president is, the ACA will be up for reform. What do we want? Here’s my wish list.

  • Within Our Grasp

    Time to Deliver

    Prep for future disruption by fulfilling our traditional promise.

  • Consumer Empowerment

    Personalized Assurance

    Brokers and carriers are facing a world of socially driven, customized buying.

  • Cyber Security

    Culture Change

    Manuals and training aside, developing an organizational culture of cyber security is the foundation for successfully countering this threat.

  • M&A

    Don’t Wait for the Cross-Court Pass

    Like ballers who don’t play defense, buyers who don’t put the time in with sellers, often don’t get the deal.

  • WiFi in a Kiosk, WiFi Everywhere

    Tech Briefing

    Wi-Fi to the Moon

  • Engaging Customers Digitally

    Q&A with Jamie Macgregor

    How are insurers doing in terms of providing the kind of digital experience customers want?

  • Member Q&A

    Rick Miley

    Founder, President & CEO, BroadStreet Partners, Columbus, Ohio

  • Member Q&A

    Jim Hays

    Founder & CEO, The Hays Companies